Founded in 2007, Cambridge Contemporary Dance was one of the first professional dance companies in Cambridge and was established to provide a platform for launching new choreographers, dancers and quality work both in Cambridge and further afield. In January 2014, the company was passed on to a new board of directors who have been working on the development of the company and seeking a new direction.

We also provide open Contemporary classes for non-members. To get involved view here.

Be sure to join our mailing list by emailing cambridgecontemporarydance@gmail.com


  1. Hello,

    I am interested in joining your contemporary dance programme. Please could you give me more information regarding classes, timetables, ect..

    Kind regards,

    Finn Morrell


  2. What age and experience do you expect auditioning students to have? I was unable to access your list of classes. Any info would be gratefully received. Thanks.


  3. Hi I woulld be interested to have information about any workshops you run. I used to dance at queens college, but am getting on in years, but nevertheless still love danceing. would you have workshops appropriate for me?


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